Kaloomma Textiles

Handwoven, Hand-knit, and Handmade Creations

Botanical Textiles

This lifestyle collection highlights the collaboration of the natural and human world. Every piece inspires intentional living because of their ability to be heirlooms in families rather than just clutter in our lives. This collection celebrates the innate connection that we have with the earth and with one another.

Through neutral colors and screen printed flowers, this curtain impresses the relationship between the natural world and the human experience. This piece softens the boundary between the natural and indoor spaces.

This dress repurposes deadstock fabric through patchworking to create a completely unique textile. The curated collection of neutral fabrics inspires the celebration of the natural world as well as the value of mindful living.

With its soft hue and screen printed flowers, this pillow adds warmth and comfortability to indoor spaces. The pillow invites people to enjoy the comfort of home along with the beauty that nature offers.

This dress accentuates earth’s natural hues and the beauty of organic forms found in nature. This dress honors the wellspring of resources which nature offers.

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